Specialty Counseling Services

for adults and teenagers

with anxiety and stress

Here are some examples of common goals my adult clients have voiced throughout the years.

I want to:

  • Experience more peace and happiness
  • Love and accept myself for who I am 
  • Feel purposeful
  • Improve my physical health

Emergency Resources:
If this is a life threatening emergency, please go to your local emergency room or call 911. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1.800.273.8255.

Are you:

  • having difficulty getting through the day due to debilitating anxiety and stress?
  • feeling overwhelmed daily?
  • struggling with managing your day to day activities?

If you answered yes then...

I am here to help you reduce anxiety and stress and claim the peace, health, and happiness you desire and deserve.

Feel happy?

Be playful?

Examples of life challenges in which I typically help clients: 

  • Debilitating anxiety and stress
  • Women in significant life transitions (ie raising children, career, life balance)
  • Academic stress, test anxiety, performance anxiety, peer pressure
  • Anxiety and physical health: GI issues, IBS, weight loss, smoking cessation 

Love & accept yourself?

Forgive and let go?

Would you like to...

Working with teens: 

I help high achieving teenagers with anxiety and stress management. High achieving teens take advanced classes and do well in them. Often they are in extracurricular activities such as band. They tend to worry a lot and have high, unrealistic expectations of themselves. 

I help them with:

  • Creating more realistic expectations
  • Learning how to manage worry thoughts
  • Teaching them how to resolve peer conflicts
  • Recognizing their own unique gifts thereby raising their self-confidence
  • Teaching them relaxation techniques to manage stress and worry

In a nutshell, I help them learn how to cope with life better so they can feel happier. ​

Feel peaceful?

Have a quiet mind?

"I want peace."

Well you can!

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When I talk to my clients about their goals, the number one on their list is to experience more peace. Life can be disruptive with racing thoughts, nervousness and stress. By learning holistic ways to reduce stress and anxiety, we experience a deeper peace along with a more meaningful life.

    Cindy C. Baker, MA, LPC, BCC

            Offering Anxiety and Stress Management Counseling in Dallas, GA